Since the Volkswagen scandal it has become clear that testing to meet European emmission standards for:

  • Nox,
  • Carbon Dioxide,
  • Carbon Monoxide,
  • Air Quality,
  • and Fuel Efficieny;

is not fit for purpose in the real world. This doesn't just apply to VW, but to pretty much every manufacturer. The attached article from the BBC comes up with some very interesting and surprising results through independent testing. 

The company they used for the test was Emmissions Analytics. They have built what they call their EQUA index and it's pretty easy to look up and see how your car, or potential new purchase, has performed in their tests.

I had a look at my own car and it has turned out to be rather grubby. Yes, a Volkswagen. It turns out that not all VWs ans diesels are dirty after all.